Mobility which is CO2 neutral, affordable and without restrictions

We believe that our vision of an affordable electromobility without restrictions can be implemented short term using today’s technologies for urban mobility. The usage of battery electric vehicles can replace the majority of the travelled distance that at present are using conventionally powered vehicles. The transition to electromobility in the inner cities will improve air quality, in particular in today’s problematic areas.

Our contribution to the improvement of our cities

Car manufacturers have engaged in a rapid change toward new mobility. Within the next years they will present an ever larger number of attractive new car models for private individuals as well as for commuting purposes.

The major drawbacks of the current products are cost and range. We have ventured to break through the barriers and provide cutting edge technologies to break the viscious cycle of electromobility.

HPC’s vision is to allow electrical cars to use batteries with lower capacity than before, and still achieve the limitless range of current ICE vehicles through hyper fast charging.

HPC develops technologies at the cutting edge of electromobility to drive this vision. On the one side we are developing new battery pack technologies, which allow tighter packing of cells, less weight for the packs, and at the same time allows for high power charging.

We have developed new concepts for densest packing of cells whilst at the same time precisely controlling temperature in the battery pack. Our goal is to prove our concepts and technologies in the toughest environments – in track racing.

On the other side we develop technologies and strategies how to best implement the high charging network.  For this, we have analyzed the usage patterns of those fleets that supply our inner cities with goods, services, safety and mobility. This includes those, which are on the move 24 hours, 7 days a week for us. Those, who we might call in case something has stopped working, or who supply us with food when we fell like it, or when we need to go and see a doctor. They are all dependent on their vehicles at all times and cannot wait for a long charging cycle to finish. Their vehicles have to be ready at all times around the clock and clock up distances of a multiple of vehicles for private individuals.

90% of the energy from fossil fuel that today’s internal combustion engines are dependent on is supplied by fuel stations in immediate proximity of workplaces or residential areas. At present this amount of energy cannot be supplied by the electrical grid, even taking into account the fact that electrical vehicles use much less energy than internal combustion engines per kilometer traveled.

In discussions with local suppliers of grid infrastructure, we have developed a strategy of how to supply this energy to the electrical vehicles without having to completely revamp the infrastructure and having to lay new electrical lines in all streets. By installing a freely available infrastructure for high power charging and supplying vehicles with batteries that have been optimized for their requirements we are able to offer all those logistics and business users an opportunity to rapidly change their fleets from internal combustion engines to electrical motors.

Our goal is to build up this inner city infrastructure that in medium terms will allow everybody to charge their electrical vehicle inside city limits within 6 minutes. For business users we are configuring special packages to cater for their individual requirements, allowing hyper fast charging.