HPC250 and KEKW prototype partnerships

HPC250 and KEKW are building a prototype hypercharging racecar in a joint project

The racecar will showcase a new technology of direct battery cooling. This allows the battery to be charged in a very short period of time. It allows the racer to do a race for a period of time, recharge quickly and do the next race.

Ultimately this technology can be used in any vehicle that requires quick recharging – be it during a day cycle, be it for extending the range of the vehicle. All of this without having to lug around (and pay for) a large battery that would allow a large – but not unlimited – range.

HPC250 and KEKW are building the vehicle as well as the charging infrastructure. Some of the developments are proprietary, some are in cooperation with industry partners.

As our ultimate goal is the breakthrough of electrical mobility, we are seeking for further partners to improve our speed in implementing hypercharging capabilities and other support for electromobility in all areas of the world.

Any suppliers will be mentioned on the racecar, development partners will receive major spaces for their logos on front and rear hood, roof, doors. Please contact us to learn more details.