We are developing new technologies and combine them with existing and proven technologies to form a new and innovative approach

Lower weight, less volume, lower cost – and no range anxiety

Batteries in the car can become much smaller, much more lightweight, if the previous paradigms are left. Our batteries combine regular, proven cells (which can be switched for better cells in the future) with lightweight materials for the housing, and direct fluid temperature control for densest and lightest packing.

As the batteries are fluid temperature controlled, high power charging is possible even with regular cells – as well as the useage of the batteries in any kind of environment, be it very cold or very warm.

The showcase of this battery is a race car, where we combined top acceleration with a 24h race challenge.

Charging will be as easy and hassle free as filling up your gas tank

Our charging stations are using stationary batteries to store energy from volatile electrical energy sources like wind and solar and to supply the high peak power required for hyper fast charging of electrical vehicles. As they do so they help stabilize the local electrical grid. The technology is optimized for hyper fast charging of mobile batteries in electrical vehicles and can be easily scaled upwards.

Charging times for 250km distance traveled with different charging power

Electrical mobility around the clock

A battery that has been optimized for business usage is just as big as usage requirements dictate, can re-charge extremely fast and will last for a large number of charging cycles. With this, concepts can be realized that requires cars to be constantly available, with a mileage of several 100 thousand kilometers over a number of years, and in which the cost per kilometer of an electrical vehicles is inferior to that of today’s internal combustion engine vehicles.